When you choose to live in United Arab Emirates, you will experience a sub-tropical and arid climate. During summer (April to September) the weather is hot (around 50 degrees C) and exceptionally humid. At other times the humidity is less and the temperature commonly ranges from 20-35 degrees C. During summer period, one thing that would be very much useful for everyone is an air conditioner unit. It is the air conditioner that can really grant cool air to the people, and they can really feel lot of comfort and relaxation due to the atmosphere that is created by the cool air of the air conditioner. We recognize the importance of air conditioning to you. For that reason, we are committed to make sure your equipment is working through superb air conditioner servicing, maintenance and state of the art air conditioner patch up.

Air Conditioning Installation & Maintenance

We provide full AC Service, AC Maintenance, repair and installation. If you need air conditioning installation for a single unit or an entire office building, we will provide the speedy, high-quality service. Preventative maintenance will ensure that your system runs as efficiently as possible. Our proposals are designed first of all to advice on our recommended solution to your particular situation. Nothing is set in stone, and your account handler is happy to revisit proposals and explore different approaches to achieve the desired result, for example costs savings, speed of installation, energy efficiency and etc.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Our AMC division specializes in providing preventive maintenance and periodical servicing of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration equipment under Annual maintenance Contract for shopping malls, industrial establishments, residential buildings and villas etc... This division also undertakes repair and rectification of all types of AC equipment’s like chiller units, ducted split, package units, split units, cooling towers and cold storage etc.

Our Air Conditioning technicians have the knowledge and experience necessary to work on any type of air conditioning system. No matter how old or new the system is, what the brand is, or how big the A/C problem, we can easily identify and solve virtually any air conditioning issue.

Our expert air conditioning technicians will arrive on time, and will quickly diagnose your air conditioning problem and prepare an estimate for the needed repairs. After discussing the estimate with you, answering all your questions, and getting approval. We’ll make the repairs quickly and efficiently. Our customers’ confidence in us is justified by our long experience in this field and our outstanding service record.

We have trained and dedicated facilities management team who can be stationed at the site in order to render the maintenance jobs promptly and effectively.

Emergency Services

Our workers are cell phone dispatched and have their fully stocked service vehicle standing by to quickly respond to your needs. 24 hours 7 days a week can respond to your emergency

On call service

Our ON CALL team is equipped with well qualified technicians offering 24 hours service to attend any break down/ complaint within a short span of time as per the complaint registered.

Large number of our clients across the emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah enjoy the proficient and timely services of our on call service division.