About Us

Looking for economical and effective air cooling solutions? From initial survey to after sales service and maintenance – Austin Broady Air Conditioning and Ventilation offer a complete Air Conditioning service, designing the ideal system to suit both your requirement and your air control budget.

Al Shaheq Air-conditioning has proven to be one of the leading Air-conditioning Contractors in the region since 2004. We provide all types of AC equipments like chiller units, ducted split, package units, split units, cooling towers and cold storage etc.

Al Shaheq undertakes various contracts for the design, supply and installation of air-conditioning systems for all the Commercial, Industrial, Residential buildings and Villas. We offer the equipment sale of all international brands, as well as provide the Annual Maintenance Services

Why Al Shaheq?

Al Shaheq Air Conditioning will guide you through the entire process of installing an air conditioning system, from the initial survey to the after sales servicing. We provide expert advice on all areas, and will design an Air Conditioning system to suit your requirements and budget. We stock a wide range of products from all the major suppliers and can ensure excellent standards of workmanship during installation.

Our service starts with a survey of the room or office, when we will record dimensions (area/volume) and take into account heat variables such as the number of people in the room, lighting capacity, machinery and windows. From this data we can design a suitably sized and customised system using software and by drawing on our years of practical experience of design and installation processes, we will produce a specification, describe the installation procedure and equipment, and provide you with a detailed quotation. Once you have placed your order we will oversee the installation process right through to the hand over, and we will provide completion and safety certificates. Our involvement continues with a twice yearly service of your air conditioning system.